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Ashes Under Glass
Portraits Under Glass

Ashes Under Glass is  a great way to honour your loved one.  You can keep
them close to your heart as it provides you comfort and inspiration.   Upmost
respect is used handling the ashes of your loved ones as they are incorporated
into a glass lampwork bead.  They are then surrounded in clear glass to protect
the ashes.   These beads are made one at a time in my home studio in Niagara
Falls Canada.

A very small amount of your loved ones ashes is required to begin the process.  
Once I receive the ashes, I will confirm with you that they have arrived safely
and begin working on your special Memorial Bead.  It takes approx. 1 - 2 weeks
to ship the finished memorial piece once the ashes have been received.  The
unused ashes will also be returned unless otherwise indicated.  

We make the memorial ash beads in a variety of styles which include pendants,
European  bracelet beads in two sizes, thumb print stones, and new fillable
Small  European